Must Buy Cool Gifts for UNDER €5

mimgo portable zipper sunglass portable case on amazon

The Mimgo Portable Zipper Sunglasses Protector Box (Hard cover protector box) are ridiculously cheap and surprisingly good quality, with an amazing variety in color assortments too! Unlike many cheap sunglasses/glasses protector boxes that are usually cheap plastic or flimsy plastic, this one is made of of plastic but covered in a colorful, quality fabric to give it a classier look and feel. The zipper is strong enough to not unzip by itself and it even has a really convenient portable carry strap!

ecoco generic automated toothpaste dispenser

Seriously, for under €5 you can get an ecoco automated toothpaste squeezer and never have to squeeze a tube of toothpaste or waste any ever again, and you still don’t own one! What, are, you waiting for?! It’s no longer 1980 ok…this is a must buy for anyone that actually has a set of teeth. Period. And it’s kid friendly so you never have to worry about kids eating the toothpaste out of the tube or getting it all over the place or leaving the cap open. Comes ready to use out of the box with its own wall-mount. You have to do nothing but buy it, now, and place it on your bathroom wall. Done. Works for any type of toothpaste and any size, pumps out every single drop of that glorious toothpaste and doesn’t waste any at all, and if that wasn’t enough, say bye bye to bacteria and any future mouth infection worries.

stanley 4 in 1 pocket sized precision screwdriver

This 4 in 1 Stanley pocket sized screwdriver with interchangeable magnetic bits is one of the best sellers around and if you are either a professional or hands on DIY person, you need this in your life. It is an absolute must buy! The bit sizes are 5/32″ , 1/8″ and OPT/1PT, perfect for glasses, electronics, battery compartments, toy or small DIY furniture assembly as well as much more. This Stanley pocket screwdriver has a soft bi-material grip and is the perfect precision pocket sized screwdriver around. The perfect gift, for him, her, or hey…yourself!

dice fidget anti anxiety and anti stress relief

Remember those fidget spinners? That’s the past, now the fidget cube is the new trend that actually helps people in a safer more effective way. The Fidget dice is an anti anxiety and anti stress relieving gadget for adults and younger kids alike. They are made form environmentally friendly Silica gel and come in either pocket sized or mini! They are durable, lightweight and discrete. Has 2 sides with gears, joystick, buttons, switches and more. Get focused on work and studying or just use it to release anxiety. Awesome thoughtful gift for anyone that loved the fidget spinner or has focusing issues, ADD and ADHD, OCD or autism. If someone needs help quitting a bad habit the fidget dice is perfect for them!

slime toy

Honestly we don’t know why we have this Slime Fishbowl toy here but you can buy 2 for under 5 euros for your kids or yourself, and over 15,000 of these have been sold in the last 24hours apparently, so they’re doing something right! Plus it looks freaking colorful and awesome!

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