Top 5 Must Buy Micro SD Cards of 2019


It goes without saying that the SAMSUNG 512GB SD card is the most reliable, most cost effective product out there today. With almost 5000 raving reviews from the listing above alone, you can’t go wrong.

4.6 stars out of 5

83,14 €

Next up is SanDisk’s 400 GB micro SD(xc) with over 6,000 reviews this is a very close contender to Samsung’s 512GB. While it is 112gb short it is a little cheaper, but in terms of speed and reliability, it had to be mentioned. And while Sandisk does have a 512GB micro sd card also, the price of that is a crazy 134,31 € making the 512gb version a DO NOT buy!

4.6 stars out of 5

69,96 €

Where are the rest of the listings? Guess what, that’s it. We know we said 5, trust me we know. But these 2 companies are the only 2 with registered and proven/tested 512GB/400GB Micro SD cards that are worth buying. Every other option on Amazon either is fake with bad reviews or fake with 4 or 5 fake 5star reviews, go check it out for yourself. Plenty of smaller size SD cards worth buying but when you can get 2 of the biggest brands for just as cheap, why bother!? Go with one of the 2 above, you will not regret it!

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